The Aurora Operations Centre, comprising 325,000 sq. ft., was designed as a single facility with a five- storey north wing and a three-storey south wing plus a partial basement. A surface parking lot has the capacity for 1,613 vehicles. The two wings are linked together through a main entrance for all visitors, complimented with distinctive entrance landscaping. The new facility includes general office, training, dining, data processing, shipping and receiving spaces, along with other supporting areas. The building is designed as a steel structure with masonry and glass cladding. The second through fifth floors are designed with a 50 ft. x 30 ft. open plan grid on the east and west sides and a 25 ft. grid for the central cores. The central cores include mechanical shafts, exit stairs, on-floor electrical and communications rooms, washrooms and janitors’ closets, and space for meeting and break areas.

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