This project consists of two facilities: the OPG Building (700 University Ave.) and Mount Sinai Hospital (600 University Ave.). The first two phases at OPG (3rd floor pre-natal and 8th floor renovations) were completed in December 2010.

More than three floors of the new space are dedicated to Women’s and Infants’ Health, which contemporizes its technology, equipment and environment, and increases its square footage by 60 per cent.

At the Mount Sinai location, a total of 160,000 sq. ft. was renovated. Phase One of two consists of the complete fit-out of floors 15 thru 19 of the Murray Street Wing, with completion in the spring of 2011. Phase Two consists of the complete interior demolition and renovation of the University Ave. wings from floors 10, 11 and 15 thru 19. This phase was completed in May 2013.

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