The Governor General’s Medals in Architecture are administered by Architecture Canada (RAIC) and recognize outstanding achievement in recently built projects by Canadian architects.  Eastern Construction is exceedingly pleased to be associated with two recipients of the Governor General’s Medals in Architecture in 2014.  During a ceremony held May 12 in Ottawa, KPMB Architects were recognized for their design of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.  That same evening, Shim-Sutcliff Architects were honoured for their design of the Sisters of St. Joseph Residence in Toronto.  Jury comments for each project include:

Rotman School of Management: KPMB Architects

"Large glass volumes are anchored to an existing Victorian house and seem to float behind it. The volumes are simple and their detailing well-controlled, giving this building a sense of refinement and solidity. The lipstick-pink line of a staircase spirals up and down their core, to act as a social condenser and tease out the element of creation and innovation inherent in the school philosophy. This bright gesture in a sober box, along with the light volumes against the stately mansion, make a convincing use of contrasts."

Sisters of St. Joseph: Shim-Sutcliff Architects

"This project shines for the care that was brought in creating a loving environment for the elderly. The progression of public to private living spaces is underscored by the transition from urban to natural setting, along a narrow site on the edge of a ravine. The choice of materials and the careful attention to detail further add to the notion of this being a life-supporting environment, in the most profound sense of the term."

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