Congratulations to Sweeny &Co Architects, recipient of the 2016 Ontario Concrete Award for Architectural Merit.  Queen Richmond Centre, developed by Allied Properties REIT and built by Eastern Construction, utilized concrete as a principle construction element in a design solution that allowed for the preservation and adaptive reuse of two heritage buildings and intensification of the site with the addition of new office space.  The result is a distinctive, cost effective, energy efficient building.  The impressive, publicly accessible, Atrium and the appearance of the office tower “floating” above the heritage buildings adds new life to this location west of the downtown core. 

The Ontario Concrete Award for Architectural Merit, prepared and submitted by Eastern Construction with support from Votorantim Cimentos (St. Mary's CBM), is the latest in a series of industry-awards granted to Queen Richmond Centre that include the 2015 Canadian Consulting Engineering Schreyer Award, 2013 Innovation Award by the Toronto Construction Association, 2015 Award of Excellence in Engineering from the CISC Ontario Steel Design Awards, 2015 R&D Award for Architectural and Engineering Solutions and Innovations from the Journal of the American Institute of Architects, and 2015 Canadian Urban Institute Brownie Award for Best Overall Building.

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