Audi Midtown Toronto is based on the new “Terminal Design” from Audi AG and serves as the Canadian flagship store.  Located at one of the most heavily traveled areas of Toronto, the 401/404 interchange,  Audi had the opportunity to mesmerize passersby.  This seven storey reinforced concrete structure utilized roughly 8,500 m3 of concrete of varying strengths (testing verified one element reaching 113 MPa at 28 days). The Toronto marketplace is rich with concrete structures; the Audi building exudes strength through its monolithic structure beneath a multi-faceted lightweight aluminum cladding.  The jewel of the structure is the Spiral Interchange which allows cars to ascend the building in a compact footprint. The spiral ramp acts as the main conduit into the building accessing the Services Bays.  The design of the ramp is a chandelier where slabs below are hung from above utilizing a complex arrangement of reinforcing steel and strategically placed control joints.  Eastern Construction prepared and submitted the award application and congratulates Read Jones Christofferson as the recipients of the 2016 Ontario Concrete Award for Structural Design Innovation.

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