Article Cover - Taking on the Tough Projects

Since 1951, Eastern Construction Company has earned a reputation in the field for never shying away from the tougher projects. Bryan Arnold, President and CEO at Eastern Construction, has built a career at the company, working his way up over 41 years. In January of this year, he was appointed as the new CEO. He was moved to stay with the company for so long due to its positive values. "This may sound cliché, but we really truly live and breathe them," he says. "Our core values are so important to me as a person. They are safety, integrity, innovation, teamwork and open communication. We truly walk and talk our core values." Quality is also a trademark of Eastern Construction Co., as are accountability and collaborative problem solving. The company's desire to reach for the challenging projects that may intimidate newer firms comes from its experience.

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Bryan Arnold and Jim Broomfield